Nine People Facing Drug Charges After Search Warrant

Orlando residents may be interested to learn that nine people have been detained on drug charges in Ocala. Police reportedly served a search warrant on a Southeast 86th Avenue home and took into custody two men and one 27-year-old woman. In addition, six others were detained in a wider investigation that originated from that warrant. All of those involved are being charged with various drug crimes, including the sale and possession of crack cocaine and possession with intent to sell.

The incident began on Feb. 20, when police entered the defendants’ home while serving a search warrant. A series of complaints by neighbors had apparently led officers of the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team to believe that narcotics were being sold on the premises; those officers allege that a number of suspected narcotics were found on-site. After the warrant had been served, police expanded the investigation by detaining six other people allegedly with the intention to purchase drugs.

Search warrants require extensive preparation on the part of law enforcement, particularly warrants intended to be used upon a residential home. Warrants often outline specific parameters and limits. For example, while a warrant may allow a residence to be searched, cars on the property can not be searched. In addition, some warrants expire after a set period of time.

That being the case, attorneys representing both the initial three and the latter six defendants may wish to carefully review the issued warrant because it’s possible that the expanded investigation may not have been judicially authorized. If any aspect of the warrant was not adhered to, any evidence uncovered as a result may be suppressed.

Source: WESH, “9 arrested in Ocala drug bust“, Melissa Catalanotto, February 21, 2014


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