Florida Man Taken into Custody, Was Hungry and Looking for Food

Water has become the latest tool in the war against crime. Authorities are using a product called SmartWater CSI, a substance that maintains the consistency of water and lacks any odor. In addition, it cannot be seen on one’s person with the naked eye; however, it can be viewed with ultraviolet black lights.

Authorities in Fort Lauderdale are using the water. In early July, police took a man into custody who had entered a parked decoy car through an unlocked rear door. Hidden cameras in the car caught him going through a purse that was on the back seat when he was sprayed with the SmartWater. Footage showed him looking confused and sniffing his hands before he left the vehicle.

Authorities caught up with him about 24 hours later and took him into custody. Black light revealed the stains that were still on him. The homeless man told police that he was hungry and was only trying to find something to eat. He was charged with one count of car burglary and was ordered to remain in custody because he been out on bail for an unrelated criminal charge. The accused was the first to have been taken into custody with the aid of the SmartWater in Southern Florida; however, authorities plan to use it to help catch and deter criminals.

Those facing criminal charges may be looking at serious penalties, including jail time, if convicted. Felony or misdemeanor charges may carry long-term consequences, including difficulty in finding employment or a place to live. Consulting a criminal defense attorney could help those who face such charges. A lawyer may be able to able to negotiate a plea bargain or work to get the charges either reduced or dismissed.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “High-tech water helps police make car burglary arrest“, Ihosvani Rodriguez, July 08, 2013


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