Florida State QB Says That Witnesses Will Prove His Innocence

On November 14, an attorney speaking on behalf of a quarterback who played for Florida State University in 2013 said that the witnesses will provide exculpatory information to police in relation to an ongoing criminal inquest. Although no formal charges have been filed and the man has not been formally detained, the quarterback is being investigated for sex crimes.

A police report detailing an attack that took place in December 2012 notes the victim said her attacker was no taller than 5 foot 11 inches while the quarterback is 6 foot 4 inches tall. The victim did not identify the assailant by name. The case was initially closed in February, but it was reopened in November for unknown reasons.

Reports said that the athlete was not designated as a possible suspect until after school started at least a month following the assault, but police failed to release a public statement detailing why they suspected him. The student’s attorney said that the quarterback has at least two witnesses who will exonerate him of the crimes.

Criminal trials and investigations aren’t necessarily straightforward. People who are accused of crimes may have to go through a lot of work to ensure that the evidence they believe will exonerate them is actually included in police reports or heard before juries. For those awaiting hearings, managing these verdict-changing aspects of a trial is almost impossible, and the fact that these individuals face potentially devastating penalties can make it extremely difficult for them to plan their defenses properly. Criminal defense attorneys who work to organize testimonies, file evidence in advance of deadlines and manage essential case documentation may be able to provide representation that helps the accused.

Source: FOX Sports, “Lawyer: Witnesses can clear Winston“, Kevin Vaughan, November 15, 2013


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