Man Stuck in Chimney, Charged with Burglary

Authorities are holding a man on criminal charges after a rescue crew had to free him from the chimney that trapped him at a Florida home. On Nov. 6 in Naples, emergency crews worked to free a man stuck in a chimney while a neighbor filmed the rescue.

The incident occurred after the man and his friend left a local bar that night. The man then apparently attempted to enter a nearby home through its chimney. The friend called the police to the scene to rescue the man after he was unable to move up or down.

It took a rescue team ninety minutes to extricate the man from the chimney. Firefighters hoisted the man out on ropes. He was not seriously hurt in the misadventure. Police then took the man stuck in the chimney as well as the friend into their custody on suspicion of burglary. Police say that they believe that the men went into the home to obtain money after spending all of it at a local bar.

Burglary is a crime that involves the entrance into the home of another with intent to commit a crime once inside. Here, police say that the man stuck in the chimney intended to steal from the home. The prosecution must prove this accusation beyond a reasonable doubt in court to obtain a conviction. The man’s intent when he entered the home is crucial to the case as it can be the difference between a criminal trespass charge and a felony burglary charge.

Source: WKMG Local 6, “Police: Man gets stuck in chimney during burglary“, Patrick Santomauro,, November 07, 2013


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