How Domestic Abusers Use Technology to Control Victims

In an increasingly digital world, it’s no surprise abusers are learning how to harness technology to commit harm. Women looking to distance themselves from abusive partners can face unique challenges, as cyberstalking continues to be an escalating problem. If you are a victim of cyberstalking, it’s important to seek professional help and representation. A skilled criminal defense attorney can ensure your rights are upheld and put a stop to the abuse. Here is some important information to know about how domestic abusers are using technology to control victims. 

There Is an Increase in Technology-Related Abuse

Cyberstalking and abuse experts have cited that abusers are increasingly using technology to abuse their partners. In fact, a survey from the National Network to End Domestic Violence found that 50% of victim service providers are reporting that abusers are using cellphone apps to stalk victims, with another 41% using some kind of GPS tracking technology to perform digital domestic abuse. 

Many specialists say that the intimate nature of the relationship between an abuser and a survivor allows digital domestic violence to be possible. In general, abusers aren’t using complicated spyware for surveillance, there using apps and technology the general public uses every day. 

How Are Abusers Leveraging Technology?

Most often, cyberstalking abusers have set up accounts on their victim’s phone. Whether they bought the device for the survivor or access information through a shared family plan or iCloud account, there are many ways abusers can leverage the information they had access to during a relationship to cyberstalk their partners. 

In many cases, the survivor isn’t aware that their abusive partner has access to this information. Abusers can even take advantage of seemingly harmless applications like Find my Phone or Google Maps to track their partner’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, stopping cyberstalking isn’t always as straightforward as deleting their apps. In fact, most experts don’t advise survivors to immediately disable their accounts. Instead, they recommend that survivors work with a professional to determine how their abuser is accessing their information.  

How to Avoid Being Targeted 

While some cases of cyberstalking are harder to prevent than others, there are certain cautionary steps you can take to prevent being targeted. Some tips for avoiding cyberstalking include: 

  • When communicating with people on dating apps or sites, do not provide your last name or phone number until after you’ve met in person. 
  • If you are in an abusive relationship or your partner is a recovering addict or codependent, try to have an open conversation about your boundaries and do not share any sensitive information, including your passwords. 
  • Set a reminder every month to change your password for every online site, including your Facebook, email, and any other password-protected sites. 
  • If a site generates a password for you, take it. Algorithms are much more likely to generate complex, untraceable passwords than you are. 
  • Don’t respond to private messages on social platforms if you do not know the person. 

These are a handful of preventative steps you can take to avoid being cyberstalked. If you are currently being stalked by an abusive partner, it’s important to seek professional help. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help ensure your rights are upheld and your abuser is held accountable. 

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