How an Injunction Can Hurt Your Future

A person can get an injunction against another for many reasons. If the individual feels threatened, sometimes a mandate might be their best option for their safety. However, in a situation where they exaggerate a simple argument that should have simply been shrugged off, the other person has to deal with harsh consequences. There are a few things to know about final injunctions and how they can impact a person.

What are the Basic Consequences of an Injunction?

Injunctions are civil, which means the individual doesn’t have the right to have an attorney during proceedings. At the same time, a person representing himself is at a disadvantage. Generally, there are certain repercussions the individual can expect.

An injunction will show up on a person’s criminal background check in spite of being a civil proceeding, which can carry some hefty consequences. This means that any potential landlords, employers, schools and organizations will be able to obtain a record of your criminal convictions. Of course, that can negatively impact a person’s life. Law enforcement is aware of injunctions across the country, which means the individual cannot merely move and be free of those laws.

Injunctions and Firearms

Once the court grants an injunction against a person, the individual is considered to be dangerous. The law states that the individual cannot purchase or own firearms, weapons, or ammunition. Also, by law, the person must surrender any guns or weapons they already own to law enforcement.

Forced to Move Out

The person can be ordered to move from their family home if the individual who obtained the injunction resides in the same dwelling. For example, if two people involved in a romantic live-in relationship have a problem that leads to one party gaining a ruling, the other would have to leave home regardless of their ownership.

The individual will be arrested if they continue having contact with the petitioner, especially if they have violated a protective order against stalking or aggravated stalking. Even if the person tries to come back to the home to retrieve items, they have to do so with a police presence.

Childcare After an Injunction

Usually, the court prohibits the individual with an injunction against him from visiting his children without supervision. The court can also order the individual to pay child support without a full hearing. It is incredibly difficult to prove to a judge that you are an adept parent if you have a court document that shows you are a threat to a specific person. In this situation, it’s best to contact a lawyer who will work to prove that the reasons behind the injunction are false and ask to have child custody restored.

Other Repercussions of a Final Injunction

Most of the damage done is to a person’s reputation. With a ruined image, it makes it difficult to do a lot of things. Here are some of the other consequences of an injunction:

  • The individual may be required to report the order against them if they hold a professional license. This can also result in disciplinary action from the licensing board.
  • Members of the military who have injunctions against them can face penalties like confinement while not on duty or receive an eviction from military housing.
  • If the individual isn’t a citizen of the United States, they may face deportation or unable to obtain citizenship.
  • The court may force the individual to pay temporary alimony to a complaining spouse.

Consult an Experienced Injunction Lawyer

Each case is unique, and that’s why it’s best to consult with a lawyer, even if it’s a civil dispute. Injunctions are often sensitive and serious matters, which require knowledgeable representation no matter what side you’re on. A skilled attorney will lay out your options according to the law and can take some of the stress off the situation by providing expertise.

For help with your injunction case, don’t delay contacting our well-versed injunction attorneys at the Fighter Law Firm. Located just outside of downtown Orlando, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of victims and alleged culprits in Orange and Seminole counties. To find a qualified attorney who will fight for you, contact the Fighter Law Firm today at (407) 449-1574 for a free consultation.


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