Is It Illegal to Send Unsolicited Sexual Photos in Florida?

People worldwide have access to the internet, social media, and smartphones in today’s day and age. With technology as part of daily life, virtual and phone communication has become the norm. However, messages, images, and social media posts are not always excluded from laws and regulations. For example, sending unsolicited sexual images in Florida can be a crime if certain factors are involved. If you are facing charges for sexual cyber harassment or sending nude photos to a minor, Board-Certified Attorney Thomas Feiter at Fighter Law Firm may work diligently to help ensure the best outcome for your future.

When Is It Illegal to Send Unsolicited Sexual Photos?

People share videos, images, and other content with friends through texting and other forms of digital communication. Depending on the context and intention behind the shared images, there can be situations where the law is violated. When sending unsolicited sexual photos, an individual may be charged with a crime involving minors or specific circumstances such as revenge porn.

While Florida does not consider sending nude images a crime, the situation or circumstances surrounding the conversation or images in question may warrant criminal charges. It is essential to be aware of the laws surrounding nude photos in Florida to identify and avoid any criminal charges that may await.

Sending Nude Images to a Minor Is Against Florida Law

In Florida, sending nude images to a minor and soliciting sexual photos of a minor is against the law. In any case, a law is broken when an individual under the age of seventeen and sexual photos are involved. If a minor engages in sexting or sending sexual photos to an adult, the adult may face the consequences. Additionally, there may be penalties for minors who engage in crimes with unsolicited images and sex crimes.

Potential charges for unsolicited sexual photos involving a minor include:

  • Transmission of Harmful Materials to a Child
  • Possession of Child Pornography

Being charged with a sex crime or a sexual harassment case is very serious. Unsolicited images involving nude or indecent content where consent, age, or distribution are factors against the law can cause the individual sending images to be charged with a crime. Crimes involving minors and illegal acts often result in jail time and hefty fines. With a skilled attorney on your case, you may fight the charges against you and face lesser penalties.

Understanding Sexual Cyberharrassment in Florida

Also referred to as revenge porn, sexual cyberharassment occurs when non-consensual, private images of someone are shared on the internet or with others. Typically, this occurs when an individual, typically an ex-partner, has digitally posted or distributed intimate images or videos of another person without their consent to harass or embarrass them as a form of revenge.

According to Florida’s Sexual Cyberharrasment Statute, It is illegal to post or distribute any illicit images of another person that has identifying information and:

  • Is posted or distributed without the person’s content
  • Is without a legitimate purpose
  • Is with the intent to harm the victim emotionally

The penalties may vary if unsolicited sexual photos are considered part of sexual cyberharassment or a revenge porn situation. In this case, the actions taken by the individual distributing the images are a criminal act. The prosecution may argue profusely for guilt and attempt to prove the individual had malicious intent to cause harm. With a skilled attorney, you may fight the charges and lessen any penalties you are up against.

How Can a Lawyer Defend Me if I Have Illegally Sent Nude Photos?

If you are charged with a crime after sending unsolicited sexual photos, you may be confused and unsure of what the prosecution holds against you. A dedicated attorney with experience and knowledge of Florida’s laws about sexual cyber-harassment or the distribution of sexual photos may help you fight charges and build a strong defense for your case.

Ways a knowledgeable attorney may help include:

  • A lawyer has the resources and experience to handle your case.
  • Legal teams research and gather the information that may help your case.
  • With professional legal help, the prosecution’s claims may be refuted and discredited.
  • Your lawyer may represent and defend you if you are sued or involved in a civil lawsuit.
  • A lawyer works diligently to get the best possible outcome for your case.
  • Your attorney researches and investigates the circumstances surrounding the cybercrime or digital communication in your case
  • Legal teams are dedicated to their clients and help them throughout the legal process.

Despite the circumstances surrounding the unsolicited images you may have sent illegally, a skilled attorney may review your case and guide you in an honest direction. Whether sexting, cyber harassment, or another case involving illegal sexual photos, you don’t have to navigate the challenges of legal proceedings on your own.

Fighter Law May Help You Face the Charges and Build a Defense Against Sex Crimes

If you are facing the challenges of being accused of a crime in a criminal case, our attorney at Fighter Law may be able to help and defend you in a courtroom. Many people send and receive images and videos and view social media daily. When unsolicited sexual photos are involved, the circumstances may create additional challenges in a legal case.

Whether minors or revenge porn is involved, many find successful case outcomes when an experienced sex crime attorney supports their defense. Thomas Feiter is Board-Certified and has been awarded Lawyer of the Year from the Florida Bar, so you can feel comfortable in your defense with us. You don’t have to face the challenges and hardships of criminal accusations alone. To schedule a free consultation, complete a contact form or give us a call at (407) 344-4837. We also speak Spanish.


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