“Juicin’” for Time Behind Bars: The Legal Ramifications of Illegal Steroid Use

A recent fitness movement has swept across the nation. Along with the rise of gyms, workout routines, and fitness classes gaining popularity, the controversial use of steroids has also seen development among workout fanatics. There are several types of steroids used by bodybuilders, athletes, and workout enthusiasts, but the steroid to see the biggest use among these groups are anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids act as a male testosterone booster by greatly increasing the male hormone that promotes muscle growth and escalates male sexual characteristics. Though anabolic steroids can be prescribed by a physician to treat many ailments that negatively affect testosterone levels, the drug is often used illegally by individuals looking to improve their physical and athletic performance.


Steroids can be taken through a pill form, but often they are injected directly into the muscular system through a syringe. Although the muscle promotion and testosterone growth may seem enticing to those looking to build their physical condition, anabolic steroid use has been proven to sometimes cause adverse health effects.  Due to the fact that this drug can cause heart problems, brain development issues, chemical dependency, and even death, the drug has come under scrutiny by law enforcement and in turn has begun to make prevalence in the legal system.

With the occurrence of steroid use on the rise in America, the government has attempted to crack down on the drug at state and federal levels. Under both federal and Florida law, anabolic steroids are classified as a scheduled three narcotic, making them illegal to sell, possess, or use. Under Florida Statute 893.13, an individual possessing an anabolic steroid can be charged with a third degree felony which carries a maximum of a five year prison sentence.


Although the laws in the book have become strict against anabolic steroid possession, dealing, and use, the government has had a difficult time restricting the flow of the drug into the illegal drug market. Much of this difficulty arises from the drug being easily obtainable through online ordering from overseas pharmaceutical companies. Not only is it illegal to import drugs into the US, but buying controlled substances online, including anabolic steroids, is also illegal under Florida and federal law. However, it is hard for the government to police the excessive amount of anabolic steroids illegally entering the states and therefore the rise of steroid use has seen a rapid growth in recent times. While the government has found it hard to police the importation of this drug, they will continue to strictly prosecute individuals who have become illegally involved in the drug.


Because of the harsh punishment entailed with

possessing these steroids, it is important to know that there are several types of drugs categorized as anabolic steroids.Anadrol, oxandrin and durabolinare just some of the many types of anabolic steroids used to supplement testosterone growth. In the weightlifting and athletic community, these drugs are often referred to as “juice”, “roids”, “d-bol” and “the sauce”.

Whatever an individual decides to deem the drug, it is important to remember that anabolic steroids are illegal in Florida. Because a simple possession of an anabolic steroid can land an individual a sentence behind bars, it is vital for the individual to understand true legal ramifications involved with this drug. If an individual has been charged with possession or distribution of an anabolic steroid, it is important for them to contact a qualified criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable in the aspect of this law.

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