Eleven in Custody After Florida Drug Bust

A three-week undercover investigation at a Florida hotel resulted in a drug bust in which 11 people were taken into custody. According to detectives, several large scale drug purchases were allegedly made from several individuals at the hotel location.

In addition to the 11 currently in custody, police are expecting to charge more individuals in connection with the investigation. The eleven people were cited on several drug charges including opiate trafficking, the sale of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, possession of cocaine and various other charges.

In this case, the evidence against the 11 people seems fairly strong. Undercover detectives allegedly made drug purchases from the individuals. In a case similar to the one described here, a criminal defense attorney may take one or two approaches to defending a client. The first thing an attorney may do would be to examine all of the evidence gathered by detectives, and the methods they used. If the evidence is contaminated in any way, through improper seizure, processing or documentation, an attorney may be able to have it excluded from court. If detectives violated the rights of a defendant, an attorney may have the case dismissed.

In a case where the evidence is strong and an attorney does not find evidence of errors or misconduct, the attorney may suggest negotiating a plea agreement. In that case, the defense attorney may meet with the prosecution, and they may agree to a plea in exchange for reduced charges or sentences. It may be something like a guilty plea in exchange for a minimum sentence. The defendant has the power to decide whether or not to take the plea agreement. Some defendants may agree to the plea deal rather than take a chance in court of receiving the maximum possible sentence.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Altamonte Springs police arrest 11 in drug bust“, Jerriann Sullivan, July 31, 2013


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