Orange County Carjackers Nabbed by Apopka Cops

Three men who are believed to have participated in a number of carjacking and pawnshop robbery incidents over the course of two months were arrested by the Apopka police department. The men were allegedly armed while they committed the robberies, and surveillance video appears to show one of the accused striking an unidentified individual with a weapon during one incident.

According to police reports, the men worked as a team, with one studying a target pawn shop prior to the robbery. After putting on masks and long-sleeved shirts, the men are believed to have threatened the pawn shop staff and customers with revolvers. Police say that they then stole jewelry by breaking display cases with a hammer. Police also claim that the armed robberies grew more violent in nature as time progressed, including multiple incidents where shots were fired. The police leveled an array of criminal charges at the men, including false imprisonment, grand theft, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and armed robbery.

Although the police already charged the trio with numerous crimes, they may still face more. According to a law-enforcement spokesperson, the Federal Bureau of Investigation expressed a desire to indict the men on federal charges.

The outcome of cases that involve serious state or federal criminal charges may have a profound effect on the accused. Circumstantial evidence may seem untenable to defendants, but many juries make their decisions based on limited facts. As a result, those who stand accused of serious crimes often seek counsel on how to build an effective legal defense.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Apopka police arrest 3 men in pawnshop robberies, carjackings“, Arelis R. Hernandez, July 24, 2013


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