Miami Felon Nabbed in Daytona After Scam

A Miami felon is facing another criminal charge after allegedly conducting a scheme to make money in Daytona Beach. The scheme allegedly involved the sale of fake Apple products.

A Daytona Beach woman was approached by a man not long ago who sold her what he said was an iPad for $400. Instead, the item was a piece of wood that had a piece of glass taped over it. Police found the man, along with several other faux Apple products in his vehicle. Items that were replicated after MacBooks were made out of wood that was covered in silver duct tape. An Apple logo was etched into the item and a price tag from Best Buy was taped on the back of the device.

The man that was apprehended has a long criminal history. His record includes charges for trespassing, aggravated assault, sexual assault on a minor, grand theft auto, stalking and burglary. He also had an outstanding warrant from Miami. The charge for the sale of the Apple replica products is for felony grand theft.

If a person is facing a criminal charge, such as allegations of selling fraudulent items, misdemeanor theft, felony grand theft or other criminal charges, a defense attorney can help the defendant avoid a criminal conviction. A plea negotiation may be possible to prevent the defendant from suffering long-term consequences, such as jail time, fines, parole or probation. A plea negotiation can also help the defendant and his or her family avoid the ordeal of a criminal trial in which the prosecution’s evidence is compelling.

Source: Miami NewTimes, “Miami Felon Arrested For Selling iPads and MacBooks Made Of Wood and Duct Tape,” Tim Elfrink, Nov. 15, 2012


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