Orlando Police Make Arrest in String of Sub Shop Robberies

A spokesman for the Orlando Police Department has announced the apprehension of a 37-year-old man accused of at least one armed robbery involving a sandwich shop. The same individual may have been involved in robbing up to four other sub shops of the same chain of stores. All five stores are situated in either Orange or Seminole counties.

Detectives reported that, on Dec. 28 at 9:15 p.m., a man entered a sandwich shop on Eastgate Drive and locked the dead bolt on the front door. Law enforcement claimed that the individual first stole money from the cash register and then pointed a gun at an employee. He allegedly demanded that the employee open the store’s safe before he escaped through a rear door with the cash. The total amount of money taken from the store was not disclosed by police.

Police were able to locate the robbery suspect after releasing surveillance images recovered from the store. He is being held at the Orange County Jail. Police say that more charges are pending and that no bail has been set thus far. Investigators have suggested that there may be a connection between the individual and a Nov. 10 armed robbery incident at a sandwich shop on S. Orange Avenue and another in Altamonte Springs.

A criminal defense attorney in such a case would likely resist any effort to connect a client to multiple robberies without clear and convincing evidence. Any video tapes or other photographic evidence would be examined for clarity to determine how straightforward the identification of the alleged perpetrator was. Even if multiple counts of armed robbery were involved, the attorney might seek to identify mitigating circumstances in attempting to work out a plea deal for lesser charges.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Orlando police arrest suspect in sub shop robberies“, Arelis R. Hernández, January 06, 2014


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