Former Miami Doctor Sentenced for Federal Drug Charges

A former Miami physician was sentenced on federal charges that he sold oxycodone. On Jan. 7, the doctor was sentenced to 70 months behind bars and three years of post-release supervision.

Before being sentenced, the defendant had entered guilty pleas to federal crimes of distributing oxycodone and laundering money. According to court records, he worked at a Miami pain management clinic from February to September 2010. The facility was owned by several co-defendants who are accused of conspiring in illegal narcotics activity.

One co-defendant pleaded guilty to money laundering and other federal charges related to tax and narcotics crimes. Each criminal conviction arose in connection with the co-defendant’s ownership of a pharmacy and six other pill clinics throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Reviews of patient charts reportedly indicated that the doctor issued prescriptions for 932,259 30-milligram oxycodone pills over nearly 5,000 clinic visits by patients. He was also accused of laundering $24,142 in profits. The doctor agreed to a plea bargain that included stipulations that he forfeit property and money amounting to $470,400. Prosecutors say that this represents the proceeds that he earned illegally.

Potential penalties for those convicted of violating federal laws include lengthy incarceration, hefty fines and many other consequences. A professional, such as this doctor, could lose his or her professional license. However, in some cases, the defendant may decide to take a plea bargain to avoid a longer sentence. The prosecutors often agree to drop some charges and reduce the rest in exchange for a plea bargain.

Source: CBS Miami, “Pembroke Pines Pill Mill Doc Sentenced“, January 08, 2014


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