More in Custody in Connection with Synthetic Drug Raids

Several store owners and employees in Florida’s Seminole County have been taken into custody on charges of selling synthetic drugs. According to law enforcement officers, they have been visiting tobacco, liquor and convenience stores in recent months to make certain that synthetic drugs, including synthetic marijuana, are not available for sale to the public.

Undercover agents allegedly purchased samples of suspected synthetic drugs, which were analyzed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s crime lab. The lab reportedly identified the presence of chemicals that have been prohibited by either state law or emergency order. As the result of the ongoing investigation, officials confiscated almost 800 packages of imitation and synthetic drugs in the raids. These substances are known by the street names K2, Spice and bath salts. The five individuals were taken into police custody on a variety of drug charges including the sale of imitation drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The state of Florida takes the issue of illegal drug sales very seriously, and those who are convicted on drug charges may face severe penalties. A Florida criminal defense lawyer may be able to help in a potential reduction of the charges or the penalties for someone who is facing serious drug charges.

The lawyer may review the state’s evidence to devise an appropriate defense strategy. For example, in some cases, police may have violated a defendant’s rights during the investigation or while bringing a defendant into custody. If there has been a clear violation of protocol such as not informing a defendant of his or her Miranda rights, an argument might exist for dismissing the case. On the other hand, if the defendant does not wish to run the risk of being convicted in court, he or she may decide to accept a plea bargain.

Source: WFTV, “More suspects arrested in Seminole County synthetic marijuana raids”, January 16, 2014


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