Florida Woman Charged with Maintaining a Drug Dwelling

A 40-year-old woman from Saint Johns County is now facing criminal charges in connection with maintaining a drug dwelling. In Florida, it is against the law to maintain a dwelling for the purpose of using, selling or storing drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. If a house or apartment is found to be used for such purposes, it can be declared by legal authorities as a drug dwelling. The crime is considered to be a third-degree felony.

According to a recent news report, numerous complaints from neighbors of the home, located on Southern Grove Drive, led to a month-long investigation by local sheriff’s detectives. During the second visit to the home during a one-week period, officers of the Sheriff’s Department arrived at around 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 24 to execute a search warrant.

During the search, the officers reportedly seized marijuana, numerous items of drug paraphernalia and unprescribed controlled medication. In connection with both visits to the home, a total of four others were charged with various drug-related offenses. The group charged included two of the woman’s male children, ages 18 and 20, and two females, ages 18 and 19.

Residents of Florida who are facing criminal charges in connection with drug related offenses may benefit from the assistance of an attorney. A criminal defense attorney may be able to ensure that efforts to are made so that the individual accused is treated fairly without any violation of his or her constitutional rights throughout the criminal process. Also, the attorney may be able to provide the client with a comprehensive explanation of the many possibilities for mounting a legal defense on order to mitigate the penalties.

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Source: Historic City News, “Five arrests to date at drug dwelling in Southern Grove“, St. Augustine, January 24, 2014


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