Florida Man Arrested in Connection with Alleged Sexual Assault

An alleged sexual assault that took place in April 2013 led to the arrest of a 25-year-old Orlando man on Jan. 29. The incident reportedly happened at a party that took place at the Knights Circle apartment complex, which is located near the University of Central Florida campus. A female student reported being raped in an apartment on the floor above where the party took place.

Police say the young woman consumed vodka mixed drinks and tequila shots to the point of being drunk. She then reportedly blacked out at approximately 2 a.m. Her friends later told her that she had been raped in the upstairs apartment. Police were able to connect the 25-year-old man to the alleged sexual assault with DNA evidence.

The accused man was taken into custody at the Orange County Jail and later released on bail. If convicted, he could face possible prison time and other penalties. The accused man was not a student at the University of Central Florida, according to police.

College parties may involve large amounts of alcohol, and individuals may consume to the point of blacking out. People who are intoxicated may behave in ways they would not when they are sober. A conviction for sexual assault can have lifelong consequences as it may require an individual to file as a sex offender. That designation could restrict where an individual can live, what jobs they can perform and how they can interact with children. An experienced criminal defense attorney could advocate on an accused individual’s behalf and help mitigate the consequences of any charges or convictions.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Man arrested in sex assault on UCF student“, Susan Jaconbsen, January 30, 2014


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