Seminole County Drug Bust Results in 19 Arrests

Undercover agents in Seminole County, Florida, have arrested 19 people who were either connected to a pill selling ring or because they sold marijuana. The arrests followed a six-month investigation that was initiated because of complaints from those who said that drugs were being sold in their neighborhoods.

The suspects were allegedly selling and trading drugs illegally that they purchased legitimately. Five of the suspects have been identified as the primary suppliers and dealers; in addition to being charged with trafficking in illegal drugs, the ring leaders are also accused of conspiracy. Eleven other suspects are accused of purchasing drugs from the five primary suppliers. Depending on the circumstances surrounding their arrest, some of the suspects may be charged with felony drug charges and others with misdemeanor drug charges.

To gather evidence, Seminole County officers from the vice and drug squad went undercover and purchased drugs from the suspects. Police were able to identify two marijuana dealers during the course of their investigation who were not actually a part of the drug ring. They have been charged with importing cannabis from a different state and then selling it within the county.

Those who face drug charges need to take the matter very seriously. A conviction may result in jail time, and a criminal record in Florida will affect one’s chances of qualifying for a loan and may make it hard to find a job. A criminal defense attorney could help their clients prepare a strong defense to counter the charges, and if the evidence was obtained under suspicious circumstances, a skilled attorney may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Seminole County cops arrest 19 in drug case,” Rene Stutzman, April 10, 2013


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