Six People Charged After Home Invasion

Six people were taken into police custody in Cape Coral, Florida, on Wednesday as police investigated in the aftermath of a violent home invasion. Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at 12:30 in the morning, finding four people unharmed in their house. Officers in the area spotted a white truck matching the description of the assailant’s vehicle in the area and, after a brief pursuit, took the occupants into custody and seized two shotguns that were stored in the car in plain sight.

According to the homeowners, two people wearing masks entered the house with guns, demanding money, drugs and a cell phone. After a short time, they allegedly took some money and prescription drugs and left, at which point the police intercepted and apprehended them.

Two of the individuals in the car were identified by the homeowners by their identifying tattoos. They were transported to the Cape Coral police station and charged with home invasion robbery with a firearm. One of the accused also had a fixed-blade knife in her boot, for which she was also charged. The driver of the vehicle also faces a criminal charge of principal to home invasion robbery, as do the other three passengers.

Since the shotguns were in plain sight at the time of a legal traffic stop, it may be difficult to argue that the search of the vehicle was not legal or proper. However, a criminal defense attorney may still be useful to anyone charged with a serious crime. A defense attorney may help someone consider whether a plea bargain is a wise decision. In many cases, pleading guilty to lesser charges may be preferable to risking a conviction with harsher penalties by pleading not guilty.

Source: The Huffington Post, “William Pope, Candice Jones, 4 Others, Arrested In Florida Home Invasion“, Sebastian Murdock , September 26, 2013


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