Three Men Charged in Orlando Armed Robbery

Three men are in custody following an armed robbery at an Orlando convenience store, and authorities believe they might have perpetrated over ten similar crimes in the Central Florida area. On Monday, Sept. 30, police responded to a 7-Eleven at South Orange Blossom Trail and Americana Boulevard, where a security guard reported $500 in cash had been stolen by three masked gunmen. Police took three individuals in their custody after a brief chase later on Monday night.

Two of the individuals are facing criminal charges of grand theft, robbery with a firearm, and robbery with a firearm while wearing a mask. In addition to those same offenses, the third individual was also charged with three more: aggravated assault while wearing a mask, fleeing/attempting to elude a law-enforcement officer, and aggravated battery on a law-enforcement officer with a motor vehicle. The individuals are also being investigated in connection with a recent robbery-spree hitting ten businesses in Orange and Seminole counties.

Not all allegations lead to criminal charges. But when a misdemeanor or a felony charge is officially filed, a criminal defense attorney can be very helpful. The justice system can be complicated, and it often takes an experienced professional to guide a layperson through the legal labyrinth.

In some cases, an attorney could initiate a plea negotiation, which might result in a lesser charge carrying reduced penalties. In other cases, a criminal trial is preferable. In all cases, an experienced attorney may help the defendant choose the appropriate course of legal action. For the individual facing robbery charges, the attorney may weigh the long-term consequences of conviction against the probability of acquittal and recommend either a trial or a negotiated settlement.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Men arrested after 7-Eleven holdup could be serial robbers, deputies say“, Jerriann Sullivan, October 01, 2013


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