Top 10 Signs You are Being Stalked

While it may seem no big deal to run into the same person now and then, you may be a victim of stalking depending on the frequency and the location of those run-ins. According to the Department of Justice, one in twelve women will experience being stalked by someone. Typically, 75 percent of women know their stalker. Technology made it easier than ever for someone to track your life without you even knowing it.

This terrifying experience could turn deadly. So, it’s a good idea to stay educated and aware of what stalking is, and what the signs are. Sometimes, it’s better to be a little cautious when you notice strange circumstances. Perhaps you keep seeing the same car that doesn’t belong in your neighborhood, or someone you talk to on the regular knows a little too much about your personal life – it’s a good idea to run through the checklist below and make sure that you are safe from these individuals.

10 Signs You Are Being Stalked

It’s easy to get lost in thought on a typical day out, but unfortunately, while you walk down the street with your headphones on, ignoring the world, other people might take notice. Staying vigilant is the best way to prevent a devastating situation with someone who tracks you.

If you’re trying to confirm your suspicions, here are ten signs to look out for:

1. Repetitive phone calls – if you’ve noticed repeated requests from the same number or a blocked number, it could be someone with damaging intentions. These types of people will try to “hear your voice” or call you repeatedly to act on their fantasies of speaking to you.

2. Constantly lurking around your home or workplace – if you notice someone is showing up around your workplace, when you know they don’t work there, as well as in your neighborhood, then you’re likely dealing with a deranged individual.

3. Inappropriate gifts – Repeatedly receiving gifts from someone you don’t know well is an uncomfortable experience. You know when it’s inappropriate to get a gift, so this should put you on alert.

4. “Rescuing” You – If you’re on the road and your tire blew out, be wary of anyone that immediately pops up to help you fix it. That person may be neurotically finding ways to be in your presence, including sabotaging your well-being.

5. Manipulating you into interacting – We have a tendency towards politeness in society, and sometimes those with delusional disorders use that to force you to talk to them. For example, cornering you at a party despite you making several hints that you’d like to get away from them. They’ll try to approach you somewhere where you can’t say no, or can’t make a scene.

6. Weird messages online – With the internet, stalking is easier than ever. Pay close attention to your friends and followers on social media. Too many ‘blank’ accounts following you could be a stalker. If you’ve blocked them, they’ll likely make several accounts to try to speak to you again.

7. Unwanted contact – They might rub up on you in the street, consistently touch your arm or shoulders during conversations, or make themselves comfortable with you despite your objections.

8. Trying to find out your plans – a more obvious sign of stalking to pay attention to is who is asking too many questions about your whereabouts. Someone tailing you will try to sound natural by asking you what your plans are for the evening, or where you’re going with your friends this weekend. A perfectly polite inquiry can have a hidden purpose.

9. Alienation – another common behavior for those with stalkers, they will try to alienate you from friends and family by telling lies or spreading rumors about you.

10. Showing up unannounced – If a person repeatedly comes to your home or work without you asking them to, they’re likely there to check up on you.

Don’t Fight Stalking Alone

If an investigation shows that you are the victim of a stalker or if you are wrongly accused of committing these types of acts, it’s best to get in touch with an experienced injunction attorney that can represent you during the case. Fighter Law understands that stalkers are often intelligent and manipulative, so it’s good to have a legal professional fighting for your rights. Contact us at (407) 574-5075 to get your free consultation with our seasoned Orlando injunction attorneys.

What are signs that you’re being stalked?

If you have the uncomfortable feeling that someone is stalking you, you can confirm your suspicions by reviewing the ten signs that you’re being stalked. They can include getting repeated requests from the same number or a blocked number, someone lurking around your home and office, and getting inappropriate gifts from someone you don’t know well.

What are the signs of stalker behavior?

Signs of stalker behavior vary widely. Some of the main red flags include 1) receiving unwanted phone calls at home or at work 2) signs that someone has been in or near your home, car, or workplace when you weren’t there 3) someone sending you gifts, letters, social media posts, emails, even after you asked them to stop 4) someone has approached your relatives or friends to get information about you 5) someone is posting information or spreading rumors about you online or by word of mouth.


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