Tips for Dealing with a Stalker

If you believe you have a stalker, you may feel that you can wave it off. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Stalkers are not always the most stable of people and have difficulty understanding rejection. They can also become enraged by refusal, and this may put you in perpetual danger. If you believe that you have a stalker, you should consider taking some of the following steps to ensure your safety.

Seek Legal Help

The first step you should perform is informing the police to your situation. They may require proof or may have to bug your phone or tail you for a time to determine if you do, indeed, have a stalker, but you can’t expect them to arrest someone without proof immediately. Because it takes time, you should alert them to the situation as soon as possible. If you’ve already been collecting evidence, then you can present it to them, and they may be able to take action from that alone. At that point, get a lawyer because stalkers will try to manipulate law enforcement. An experienced attorney will know how to handle the situation quickly, fairly, and in your favor.

Don’t Confront or Respond

A stalker is typically trying to elicit a reaction out of you. They want your attention. Choosing to meet with your stalker, even if to tell them to leave you alone, is not recommended. That could be the chance they need to kidnap you or do something far worse. As such, never meet with your stalker, and if you can, avoid speaking to them altogether. If they call you, immediately hang up or block their number. If they attempt to give you gifts, either leave them alone until the situation is handled or take them somewhere the stalker can’t see what you do with them.

Alert Others

You can find safety in numbers. Tell your friends and family about what is happening, so they can keep an eye on you. They don’t necessarily have to follow you around but checking in on you frequently and staying aware of your whereabouts can help the police locate you should an emergency arise. It doesn’t hurt to have a phone constantly on you if you need to contact someone quickly. Many phones have a location share option, so you can have a parent or best friend keep an eye on your whereabouts if you’re suspicious.

Improve Personal Safety

Setting up a security system at home is an excellent idea. At least until you can get a restraining order. Call a home security company or buy cameras and install them yourself. Most of them are digital, so you can set something simple up that you can watch from your phone. That way, if someone breaks in while you’re not home or asleep, your devices can make noise and alert the police.

Get Legal Representation

If you have been dealing with a stalker issue, you need a lawyer who will seriously pursue all avenues of legal relief. Make sure you find representation that specializes in domestic cases and has years of experience to make sure you get the outcome you need.  The attorneys at Fighter Law will use there combined years of experience to give you a realistic assessment of your case if you contact us online or by phone at (407) 344-4837. Don’t face a stalker issue alone. Let our experienced attorneys help you with your case as soon as possible.


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