Two Suspects Arrested in “Ice” Trafficking Case

A month-long investigation into the distribution of “ice,” a methamphetamine drug in crystal form, has led to the arrest of two suspects believed to have trafficked the drug between Bay County, Florida, and cities in Georgia including Albany and Atlanta. The two suspects were taken into custody in Panama City, Florida, and booked on drug possession charges for possession of both ice and powdered cocaine.

When narcotics officers attempted to place the two suspects, one a 39-year-old man and another a 30-year-old man, under arrest, the younger man struck one of the officers and attempted to flee. He was apprehended after a brief foot chase. Three ounces of ice and two ounces of cocaine were seized from the two men. Authorities believe that they were living in hotels in Bay County and traveling to Atlanta to pick up the drug, and then distributing it in areas between Albany, Georgia, and Bay County.

Both suspects were charged with possession and trafficking, and the suspect who hit the police officer was also charged with battery. The two men are being held on these charges, and there is no word on whether they will be eligible for bond or what type of bail will be set in these cases.

A criminal defense attorney must always consider the nature of the charges when attempting to help a client secure a bond or negotiate a plea bargain to lessen charges. In some cases, criminal defendants are better served by pleading to lesser charges; in some cases, they are better off attempting a defense, especially if there were questionable search and seizure procedures used or some other problem with the criminal investigation.

Source: WMBB, “Two Held on Drug Charges,” Ken McVay, Nov. 28, 2012


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