Can a Juvenile Be Arrested for Domestic Violence in Florida?

Domestic violence charges often center around domestic partnerships, like those of married couples or those who are simply in a relationship or living together. However, they can also include children and parents, or more specifically, juveniles against the adults or other children in their home.

Domestic violence is categorized as any form of violence committed by a person in a domestic relationship with another. When a juvenile commits a domestic violence act against a family member, they may be arrested for their actions. The process for adjudicating juvenile offenders in Florida is different than for adults and involves a different set of penalties. If your juvenile is currently facing domestic violence charges, it is important you reach out to one of our dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys at Fighter Law as soon as possible so we can begin building a case and securing your child’s future. 

Possible Penalties When a Juvenile Is Arrested for Domestic Violence

Unless the juvenile is being charged as an adult, the penalties for domestic violence are commonly far less severe than they are for those over the age of 18. An attorney will work diligently to defend your child’s case and ensure they are able to adequately learn from their actions in order for the charge to not negatively influence their future ability to find a job and more.

Depending on the severity of the crime and the state attorney’s office’s decision to file formal charges, there are two potential routes your juvenile may have to face: either they are allowed to complete a pre-diversion program, or they may be placed on juvenile probation. This can include various different sanctions and requirements, including anger management classes, a curfew, random drug tests, and more. 

If your juvenile or child has also committed past crimes, the state attorney’s office may make the executive decision to charge them as an adult, which comes with far more serious consequences, including jail time, large financial fees, and a criminal record

How a Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Charges against your child can affect their future ability to get a job, find a place to live, and more. Nobody should have to suffer life-long consequences for an indiscretion, and that’s why Fighter Law will immediately begin an investigation into the circumstances surrounding your child’s charges. From there, evidence will be gathered, assessed, and a plan will be devised to orchestrate the best possible outcome for their case. 

With extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, your juvenile’s future is in good hands when you team with Fighter Law today. The juvenile court system operates differently than an adult court, and we have the tools to help guide your juvenile in a good direction. We recommend reaching out as soon as you possibly can so we can give your case the seriousness and attention it deserves. Though the penalties may be less severe than regular adult court, they are still nothing to laugh at and can have direct, long-lasting consequences. 

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Fighter Law understands that children make mistakes. Board-certified attorney Thomas Feiter has devoted his career to fighting for his local community’s rights and is happy to do the same for you and your family today. Using years of documented experience and success, our firm will utilize a people-first approach to your case. This means having full-time access to our resources and knowledge, from the very first consultation to the final settlement agreement. 

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