What Are Your Options After Being Wrongfully Accused of Shoplifting?

Shoplifting is the physical act of stealing goods from a business. The National Retail Federation reports shoplifting as being one of the top financial losses for businesses across the United States. As a result of this, many stores take shoplifting as a considerable threat and will have security cameras and even private security guards to help prevent the act from occurring.

However, even with strict attention to detail, mistakes can still occur. Shoplifting has serious consequences in the state of Florida, so if you have been wrongfully accused, it is imperative you contact a dedicated criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Fighter Law will begin building your defense immediately to ensure your future is not disrupted by a faulty accusation. 

3 Steps to Take After Being Wrongfully Accused of Shoplifting

In order to protect your future, Fighter Law has put together a guide with three steps to take after being wrongfully accused of the act of stealing merchandise from a business. Your options will vary depending on your circumstances, but the following steps may be beneficial to your case: 

Admit Nothing

If you are incorrectly accused of shoplifting by an employee or security guard, it is important to not admit any wrongdoings or any sign of agreement that shoplifting has occurred. The store employee or security guard will try to coerce you into admitting that you stole something so they can call the police. While they are allowed to protect their store from shoplifters, they are not allowed to illegally detain you in the store. 

Florida businesses have certain rules and regulations they must follow to ensure they are not participating in any illegal activity themselves, such as false imprisonment. If they are adamant that you stole something, make sure you document the entire experience through your phone by video recordings or by taking photographs. 

Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

You have the legal right to ask the store to call a criminal defense attorney. From there, a dedicated lawyer will give you guidance on how to proceed and what exact steps you are allowed to take without arousing any potential legal repercussions. 

Fighter Law is here to help you get out of this tricky situation and protect your future from a faulty conviction. By not admitting any incorrect information or wrongdoings and calling a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, you are giving yourself the best possible shot at walking out of the situation with the accusations cleared. 

File a Claim Against Them

Being accused of a crime you did not commit can be overwhelming and scary. If a security guard is telling you they have the right to hold you in the store until you admit to stealing, you may be too confused or disoriented to know that is not correct. If you were wrongfully charged, held in the store’s custody, or coerced into admitting something you did not do, a criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the aftermath by helping file a claim against the business owner for illegal conduct. 

Facing Wrongful Shoplifting Charges? A Dedicated Attorney Can Help Today

Don’t let your future be affected by the misdoings and faulty accusations of a business. Shoplifting is a serious offense and being charged with its penalties can severely impact your future ability to get a job, find a home, and more. Board-certified Thomas Feiter of Fighter Law is proud to offer his many years of experience and people-first approach to your case to help you get the results you need for a happy and healthy future. 

To start the process today or to help you face your wrongful shoplifting charges head on, call (407) 344-4837 or fill out a contact form.


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