Charged With Drug Distribution: What Should I Do?

Florida defines the criminal act of drug distribution as a person’s intentional possession, creation, purchasing, sale, and/or transportation of controlled substances. A drug distribution charge specifically sees police officers target what they believe to be distribution operations instead of individual possession for personal use.

What should you do, then, if you’re charged with drug distribution? It’s important to call an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Florida as soon as you can. Connecting with a Florida attorney from Fighter Law allows you to put the safety of your future into the hands of an experienced legal professional.

What Should You Do After Drug Distribution Charges?

Experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you cultivate a defense against the prosecution’s attempt to pin you with drug distribution charges. Our team can vary our recommended defenses based on the facts involved in your case as well as the circumstances that led to your arrest. 

For example, if you fell victim to search and seizure, entrapment, or confession under duress, officers may not have a valid case against you. You may also be able to argue a lack of knowledge if you didn’t know you had the drugs, such as if you were riding in your friend’s car and they had drugs. Some courts in Florida even recognize lack of intent as a reason to reduce the charges brought against you. 

Whatever you do, don’t wait to get in touch with an experienced attorney. Officers have an obligation to recognize your right to remain silent and to request legal representation upon your arrest. The sooner you can call a practice professional to the scene, the faster you can protect yourself from exacerbated charges. 

What Needs to Proven For Drug Distribution Charges?

If you find yourself facing charges of drug distribution, the prosecution has an obligation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had illegal substances with the intent to distribute. Moreover, the prosecution has an obligation to prove that you also knowingly possessed these substances.

The obligation to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt can make it difficult for the state to hold you criminally accountable for alleged misconduct. If you choose to work with a criminal defense attorney, an experienced lawyer can poke holes in the prosecution’s attempt to establish intent, as well as provide knowledge of drug distribution practices and the nature of Florida’s controlled substances to protect your rights.

Consequences For Drug Distribution Charges

Failure to challenge these charges can see you face severe consequences for your alleged misconduct, with said consequences varying depending on the substance you allegedly possessed. 

For example, if officers accuse you of possessing anywhere between 25 and 2000 pounds of marijuana, you may face fines of up to $25,000. Intent to distribute controlled substances like marijuana in this capacity can also see you face up to three years in prison. If you are accused of possessing and distributing cocaine, the state’s minimum penalty is $50,000 and three years in jail. 

Criminal Charges and Illicit Substances Complicate Drug Distribution Charges

More illicit substances tend to generate more severe consequences. For example, if officers accuse you of possession and intent to distribute a substance like heroin or LSD, you may face a minimum of 15 years in prison. Fines for possession and intent to distribute drugs of this caliber can also see you face minimum fines of $500,000. 

If you have previous distribution or possession charges on your criminal record, these consequences can compound on themselves. This is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your best interests. Our team has a vested interest in helping you protect your future. 

Get in Touch With a Criminal Defense Attorney Today

You have the right to protect yourself and your future from the consequences of wrongful drug distribution charges. Don’t let officers try to interrogate you without a lawyer present. If you get arrested and accused of drug distribution, reach out to an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. 

Fighter Law can prevent law enforcement from willfully misrepresenting the facts of your case. Floridians contending with drug distribution charges can reach out to our office through our online form or by calling us at (407) 344-4837 to learn more about the representation our experienced team can offer you. Our board-certified team, including Attorney Thomas Feiter, is here to fight for you.


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