Everything You Need to Know about Defending Against Uber or Lyft Sexual Assault Charges

Rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, have become popular since their inception nearly two decades ago. Many people trust that their Uber or Lyft driver will safely take them from one place to another. Unfortunately, not all situations are ideal, and inappropriate interactions between drivers and passengers can occur. Some Uber and Lyft drivers may even be accused of sexual assault and face criminal charges. If you are a rideshare driver who has been charged with sexual assault of a passenger, you may be able to defend yourself with the help of a skilled lawyer.

The consequences for a sexual assault conviction are severe and involve at least 15 years in prison, depending on the facts of the case. An experienced criminal defense attorney can investigate your case and help you form the best defense strategy possible. At Fighter Law, board-certified attorney Thomas Feiter is dedicated to protecting your precious rights when your future is at stake.

Sexual Assault Charges Carry Serious Penalties

In certain instances, people elect to take an Uber or a Lyft when they have had too much to drink. Unfortunately, highly intoxicated people are vulnerable because they lack proper awareness and judgment of their surroundings, leaving them susceptible to sexual assault. Sexual assault is defined as any unwanted sexual activity that a perpetrator forces upon a victim without the victim’s consent. In some cases, an Uber or Lyft driver may be accused of sexual assault because they are the last person with whom the victim remembers interacting.

Sexual assault is a felony offense, and a conviction can bring a lengthy prison sentence and serious fines. Additionally, a conviction of aggravated sexual assault can result in up to life in prison and fines worth up to fifteen thousand dollars. The length of the prison sentence can also be affected by the age of the victim, and most people convicted of sexual assault must register as sex offenders.

Possible Defenses Against Sexual Assault Charges in Florida

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver who has been accused of sexual assault, you should know that there are possible legal defenses you can utilize. You will need the help of a skilled criminal defense team who can advocate well for you in court. The following defenses against sexual assault charges may apply to your case:

  • Mistaken Identity: You may be able to prove that the victim accidentally identified you as the perpetrator when you in fact never came in contact with the victim.
  • Innocence: You may be able to use evidence, such as recorded footage of the rideshare, to prove your innocence.
  • Alibi: If you can prove that you were somewhere else when the sexual assault occurred, you would have a strong alibi.
  • Lack of Evidence: Your criminal defense team could prove that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to show that you committed sexual assault beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Procedural Error: If the prosecution or the police officer who arrested you made a procedural error, you may be able to argue that the evidence against you is not admissible in court.
  • Consent: If sexual activity took place between you and the passenger of your rideshare vehicle, you may be able to prove that you both consented to such activity.

If you have been charged with sexual assault, your entire future could be taken from you following a conviction. You should reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you protect your rights.

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Uber and Lyft drivers provide a valuable service to society. Unfortunately, some rideshare drivers find themselves accused of crimes such as sexual assault. If you are a rideshare driver who has been accused of sexual assault, you should contact a criminal defense attorney for representation. You may be able to raise a legal defense against the prosecution with the help of a strong legal advocate. At Fighter Law, we understand the severity of sexual assault charges, and we want to help you.

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