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How to Lift or Remove a Disney Ban or Disney Trespass Warning

If you have been given a Disney Ban or if you have been trespassed from Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Legoland or any other theme park, you might have already learned that it is difficult to get information on how to get your trespass or ban lifted.  Don’t worry, it’s not impossible.  As a Disney Ban and Disney Trespass Lawyer, Thomas Feiter and his staff have successfully helped many tourists or theme park enthusiasts get their trespasses lifted.  We can help you, too.

We have families, too, and we understand that you want to share the experiences of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with your children. Don’t let being trespassed or banned stand in your way.

This page is written to specifically address the civil portion of a Disney trespass and how to get that lifted. If you have been arrested for trespass, visit this page to learn more about we can help defend you in the criminal portion.

Disney Trespass Lifted Attorney

This is a real letter from Disney lifting the trespass ban against our client!


What can get you Banned or Trespassed from Disney or Universal?

Getting trespassed from a theme park, like Disney or Universal Studios, can happen for many reasons.  Here are some of the most common we have seen as Disney Ban and Disney Trespass Lawyers:

  • Stealing.
  • Fighting.
  • Being drunk and disorderly.
  • Assaulting a cast member.
  • Exposing yourself or being vulgar.
  • Skipping the line.
  • Trying to jump off a ride.
  • Bringing a Gun or Contraband into the park.
  • Underage drinking.

What is a Trespass?

Under Florida Statue §810.09 a trespass occurs when, whoever, without being authorized, licensed, or invited, willfully enters or remains in any structure or conveyance, or, having been authorized, licensed, or invited, is warned by the owner or lessee of the premises, or by a person authorized by the owner or lessee, to depart and refuses to do so, commits the offense of trespass in a structure or conveyance. We a very detailed page on the law of trespass here if you want to read more.

For purposes of Disney, this would mean you are no longer allowed on any Disney Property, this includes the Theme Parks, Disney Springs, Disney Resort Hotels, and other Disney owned and operated areas. This could include a “ban” or trespass from Disney Parks and Resorts in other states or countries.

Does getting Trespassed mean you have criminal charges?

No not always, just because you have been trespassed does not mean they have brought criminal charges against you. However, depending on the incident that got you trespassed there may be criminal charges associated. Also, should you attempt to go back onto a theme park property, like Disney or Universal Studios, once you have been trespassed, you can be charged criminally for trespassing.

Guns / Firearms at Disney

Lately, we have noticed that Disney is really cracking down on firearms, and any person attempting to bring guns or any kind of weapons onto the property. We have had many cases where people only bring a gun in their car or it’s on their person in a parking lot (not in a park, but technically on Disney property), and Disney security finds out about it, and ban that person from ever coming back to the theme park. Furthermore, even if you have a concealed firearm license, and you try to come onto Disney property with your gun, they also have the ability and discretion to issue you a lifetime ban.

Is the Trespass from a Theme Park Permanent?

The amount of time of a trespass from a theme park, like Disney or Universal Studios, can vary. However, most trespasses that are entered are lifetime bans or lifetime trespasses.

How does Disney deal with Trespasses or Bans?

Disney has its very own security department and while they do not have their own website for security and trespass related issues you can find some information about them here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/park-security/

Once a person has been trespassed or banned, Disney security and the legal team are made aware and all further inquiries into the matter goes through those offices. A Disney Ban and Disney Trespass Lawyer can help you write an effective letter to increase your chances of prevailing.

What is the process to getting a Disney Trespass lifted?

To get a trespass lifted from Disney one must appeal in writing the trespass. This has several things that it must include in order to give the Security Department as well as the Legal Team the full picture of the incident and anything that has changed or been done since that incident that they may want to weigh in making their decision. While this does not require a lawyer, hiring an experienced Disney Ban and Disney Trespass Lawyer is encouraged so that a legally sound letter can be send on your behalf and so that nay correspondence with Disney’s legal team can be managed through your attorney. We have professional ongoing relationships with the legal departments and security departments of the various theme parks here in Central Florida. Based on our experience in doing many of these letters over the years, we feel that hiring us gives our clients a much better chance of succeeding in getting their ban or trespass lifted.

Reasons for Disney Bans

Walt Disney World reserves the right to ban or trespass individuals from its premises to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. Reasons for banning may include engaging in disruptive or illegal behavior, violation of park rules or policies, harassment of cast members or other guests, intentional damage to property, or attempts to resell tickets for unauthorized purposes. The severity and duration of the ban depend on the nature and extent of the offense. Often, they are lifetime bans and/or trespasses.

This photo is an example of something that will get you banned – taking a photo in a dangerous and prohibited place. Please don’t do this.

Disney Ban

I recently found a very well-written and thorough article on this topic here relating to Disney Bans.

Consequences of Being Banned or Trespassed

Being banned from Walt Disney World has significant consequences. The individual is denied access to any of the parks, resorts, and entertainment venues owned by Disney. This includes being unable to visit Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and other Disney-owned properties. Additionally, the ban may extend to online services, such as the My Disney Experience app or Disney’s official websites.

Enforcement and Duration of Bans

Disney takes the enforcement of bans seriously, employing advanced technology and security measures to identify banned individuals attempting to enter the parks. The duration of the ban varies, ranging from a temporary ban for a specified period to a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the offense and any repeat violations.

What if I am denied?

If your appeal to have the trespass or ban lifted is denied, then you can reapply in 1 year.

Disney Ban and Disney Trespass Lawyer

Being banned from Walt Disney World has substantial implications, with individuals facing restrictions on park access and other related services. It is important for visitors to familiarize themselves with park rules and conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible manner to ensure an enjoyable experience for all guests.

Here at Fighter Law we have had success on getting these Trespasses lifted for our clients so that they may return to the magic at Disney and all of their properties here in Florida.


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