Florida Dating Violence Injunction Attorney

During the course of a dating relationship, couples often feel intense emotions for one another. Unfortunately, there are times when conflict between some couples leads to a partner physically harming or abusing the other. This situation is exactly why dating violence injunctions are available to the targets of these harmful acts.

If you believe you’re a victim of dating violence in Florida, you have the right to seek protection from the courts. Dating injunctions are court orders signed by a judge that get served and enforced by law enforcement in order to restrain the abusive partner from committing further acts of violence. This may feel overwhelming and intimidating, since you need to present your argument to the court, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Working with a compassionate and knowledgeable dating violence injunction lawyer will make the process of presenting convincing evidence for your case less stressful.

Understanding Dating Violence In Florida

Florida law recognizes dating violence between two individuals who have or have had an ongoing or significant relationship, one that included romance and/or intimacy, and that eventually involved abuse or the threat of violence. Whether the victim is an adult or a minor still living at home, they have the right to file for this injunction according to Florida State Statute 784.046.

In order to file, they must meet the following requirements:

  • You’ve been the victim of violence or have a reasonable belief that violence is imminent
  • A dating relationship exists between you (the petitioner) and your dating partner (the respondent)

In addition to these initial qualifiers, the court must also find the below three factors to determine if a dating relationship actually exists or existed:

  • There was an established relationship between the two parties in the past six months
  • This relationship had an expectation of sexual intimacy and/or affection
  • How often the partners engaged in the relationship and the type of interaction they had during this period

It’s vital that you work with an attorney who has demonstrable experience in this field of practice so you have the necessary evidence to prove these factors. At The Fighter Law Firm, we seek to empower victims by strongly advocating for their ability to exercise their right to not tolerate abuse and take control of their lives.

You Are Falsely Accused of Dating Violence

As a respondent to an injunction for protection in Florida, you stand to experience many negative effects. This type of legal action is especially damaging when you’re falsely accused because the shadow of this will haunt your record permanently. If you’re accused of committing dating violence and someone filed an injunction against you, contact an attorney immediately to begin controlling the damage as soon as possible.

It’s important to know the following about dating violence injunctions:

  • You cannot seal or expunge them from your record
  • These records are publicly visible so anyone can find them
  • They can have a negative impact on employment opportunities and your current career
  • Family members may break off their relationship with you
  • Your reputation in your local community could get irreparably damaged

As a respondent (the accused), it’s imperative to have an injunction defense attorney by your side to fight this action against you. Typically, a judge might grant a temporary order without ever speaking to you about the accusations, but you will have a chance to share your side of the situation at the final hearing. This is a critical time that will determine your future, finances, and freedom if you somehow violate the conditions of the order at a later time.

Experienced Florida Dating Violence Injunction Attorneys

The bottom line is that a dating relationship should never include violence or abuse of the parties involved. Whether this violence stems from a difference in opinion or the need to control the other, it’s important to find safer and more compromising means to resolve any situations that arise. The Fighter Law Firm works to help the abused and defend the wrongly accused in dating violence situations.

We are passionate about successfully reaching the best outcome possible in these cases. Let us help you exercise your rights by working with our firm. Attorney Thomas Feiter was named the Florida Bar’s Board Certified Lawyer of the Year in 2015 and is one of the few attorneys in the area who is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar and an AV Rated Preeminent Lawyer. Speak to him about your case with a free consultation when you call (407) FIGHTER (344-4837) or complete our contact form.