Shooting Guns on Residential Properties: What Floridians Need to Know

When you are on your own property in Florida and in possession of your own firearm, what does the law say about shooting it? Is it legal to operate your firearm for target practice in the safety of your backyard, or could you be charged for not following regulations?

The answer is that it depends, and it can vary based on where you live in Florida. In short, Florida law prohibits those who live in residential areas of under one acre to participate in recreational target practice. If you are on one acre or more of property, you are limited to not shooting recklessly or negligently. Ultimately, deputies will assess your circumstances when it comes to determining if you are guilty of a crime. If you believe you have been incorrectly charged, it is best to speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. 

Understanding Florida’s Gun Laws

Florida Statute 790.15 outlines the legal recreational use of a firearm. In areas that have been deemed to be primarily residential and have one or more dwelling units per acre, shooting recreationally can result in a misdemeanor charge, even if there is no injury or property damage. Shooting your firearm in this proximity is considered reckless and is found to have a high risk of causing an accident. 

If you currently reside on property that contains more than one acre per resident, the limitation is that you operate your firearm safely and in a manner that can not lead to any foreseeable accidents. If an accident occurs, there are many different factors to consider: the size of your property, the type of firearm you are using, and the specifics of your activity. For example, if you are using a clearly identified target, such as a sheet or platform, and someone wandered in front of it without your knowledge, your attorney can help establish you had no reckless, harmful, or negligent intent. This can potentially help drop the severity of your charges. 

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Case

If you find yourself charged with recklessly shooting or operating a firearm, it is best to partner with a steadfast criminal defense attorney immediately. While you concentrate on yourself, your attorney can immediately begin an investigation into your charges and the specific circumstances under which you were charged. The arresting deputy will have to prove you were shooting your firearm in a reckless or negligent manner, which your attorney can help to disprove. 

Fighter Law has a documented success record and is known for putting everything on the table for our clients. We will fight to protect your future and defend your rights. While your case is ongoing, we will also cover other important matters, such as all scheduling, communication with relevant parties, and more. 

Consult a Dedicated Florida Attorney Today

A false charge involving a firearm can have a severe impact on your future, including your ability to find employment, where you are able to live, and more. With the help of board-certified attorney Thomas Feiter of Fighter Law, you are setting yourself up for the best possible outcome while actively protecting your rights. We are prepared to sit down with you, discuss the specifics of your case, walk you through your options, and devise a plan of action for your unique circumstances. Our goal is to protect your future and your rights, and will use our expertise, connections, and knowledge of Florida law to help get you there. 

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