Understanding Apple AirTags and How You Can Protect Yourself from Being Illegally Tracked

While Apple AirTag tracking devices are great for helping you find your lost keys or wallet, they also have a more sinister use. If someone slips an AirTag into your bag or car without your consent or knowledge, it can be used to track your whereabouts. Location tracking is a tactic commonly used by stalkers and abusers to maintain control over their victims. By understanding the technology and following some prevention tips, you can decrease your chances of being illegally tracked.

How Do Apple AirTags Work?

AirTags work by using Apple’s “Find My” system to locate any Apple device. When you open the “Find My” app on an iPhone, a map is displayed, showing the location of all of your devices, including AirTags. AirTags contain advanced tracking chips that enable users to see the device’s precise location indoors or outdoors and its last known location if it is not nearby.

Fortunately, there are some built-in anti-tracking functions in Apple AirTags. If you have been traveling with an AirTag that does not belong to you, it will send a notification to your iPhone that an AirTag was detected near you. If you own an Android device, you will need to download the separate “Tracker Detect” app to receive notifications. Additionally, if an AirTag is away from its owner for 8 to 24 hours, it will beep to alert you of its location.

How to Protect Yourself from Being Illegally Tracked with an Apple AirTag

Even with Apple’s built-in safety features, it is still possible to be illegally tracked with an AirTag. If you suspect you are being illegally tracked, try the tips below to find, identify, and disable the AirTag.

Search Yourself

Searching yourself is a great first step if you suspect someone has placed an AirTag within your belongings without your consent. Pockets, handbags, and your vehicle are all common places to hide a tracking device. You can narrow your search by considering what the person potentially tracking you seems to know and search the items you had with you in the last location they knew about.

Locate the AirTag’s Serial Number

Once you locate the AirTag, you can scan it with your smartphone to find the serial number. This is critical evidence for determining and proving who was tracking you. You can do this with the “Find My” app or by holding the white side of the AirTag to your smartphone and tapping the notification that pops up. This will lead you to a web page with the device’s serial number.

Disable the Device

By twisting the back of the AirTag counterclockwise, you can expose the battery and remove it. Once you do this, the person attempting to track you will be unable to see your location. If you think an intimate partner is tracking you, it is essential to establish a safety plan before disabling the device.

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