How do I get an injunction?

It is not difficult to get an injunction against another person in Florida. All you have to do is fill out the appropriate paperwork at your local clerk of court’s office. An attorney can help you get that done or the people at the clerk’s office can help you fill out the paperwork.

If a random guy or your ex-boyfriend is stalking you, you can get a court to give you an injunction to prevent him from having contact with you. If your girlfriend is abusive with you and hits you, you can get a judge to grant an injunction against her for domestic violence to prevent her from having future contact with you.

To get an injunction, you will have to fill out an application which will require you to explain what happened, basically explaining why you need the injunction. You should know that this information will become a public record. So including photos, videos, or handwritten letters of the other person cannot be taken back. You should understand that, in this modern digital age, some things can never be taken back. For that reason (and many others), it is highly advisable that you talk to an attorney before doing anything.

Another reason to use an attorney to get an injunction is because sometimes petitioners (who go into court without an attorney) will not know exactly what they have to prove to the court to get the injunction. An attorney can help walk them through what is needed and help them to present the evidence clearly to the judge to improve their chances of getting the injunction.

Overall, the process for getting an injunction is difficult – and you can get help along the way from a variety of sources. But there may be other avenues to get the results you are seeking.

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