What Common Defense Strategies Can Help My Felony Case?

Felony charges are very serious and can result in lifelong repercussions, affecting everything from your ability to obtain a job to where you live. If you are currently facing felony charges, it is imperative you reach out to a qualified attorney as soon as possible to immediately begin investigating the circumstances surrounding your case and building your defense.

With an aggressive and knowledgeable firm like Fighter Law by your side, you are giving yourself the best chance at obtaining the outcome you need to live a normal life. Our team will use all of our available resources to devise a defense strategy for your specific case. This can include the prosecution’s lack of evidence, a strong alibi, and more.

3 Common Defense Strategies for Your Felony Case

Criminal defense strategies can normally be divided into two separate categories: either you were not involved in the crime, or you were involved, but only due to extenuating circumstances that you should not be held responsible for. After your case evaluation, our team will begin an investigation and work on building your defense. For felony cases, three common potential strategies include the following: 

Lack of Evidence

The prosecution has the responsibility of proving you are guilty of your alleged crimes. This is referred to as the burden of proof and will be attempted by presenting evidence to demonstrate your awareness and motivation for the crime. Your attorney will work to sort through the collected evidence and begin to poke holes and find gaps in the information. If possible, they will also work to have any illegally collected evidence thrown out of consideration. 

By demonstrating the severe lack of evidence to the jury or the judge, your attorney may be able to defend your innocence and show you were not a part of or responsible for the crime. 

Airtight Alibi

An alibi is any form of factual evidence that either places you physically away from the crime or shows that you were unable to commit the crime. This can be in the form of eyewitness testimony, video footage, or more. By proving that you were not at the scene of the crime, your attorney is showing to the judge and the jury that you could not have committed the felony. 

An airtight alibi firmly places the accused at a specific area at a specific time. It should cover the entire length of the time period during which the crime was committed.


If you were involved in an altercation that resulted in your felony charge, your attorney may be able to demonstrate your actions were a direct result of self-defense. While the court may still find you guilty of aggression or an aggressive act, it is a lesser charge and will not result in the severe penalties a felony charge comes with. 

Your attorney will be tasked with the burden of proof that you felt your life was in imminent danger, which is why you acted out in the way you did. 

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