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If you are at immediate risk of physical violence or have been a victim of abuse or violence in the past, you may want to consider filing for a restraining order. Florida has many different types and categories of restraining orders. You may hear people referring to them as orders of protection or protective orders, but under Florida law, they are all the same: injunctions for protection. 

Depending on the circumstances, it may be in your best interest to speak with a restraining order attorney in Kissimmee before filing. They can help you navigate which injunction for protection is best for your case and then help with the filing process as well. Temporary injunctions may be issued in the meantime for cases deemed extra sensitive or where physical violence is imminent. Fighter Law has serviced Central Florida for over a decade now and has a team of compassionate and board-certified restraining order lawyers ready to help. 

Types of Restraining Orders

The first part of the process is understanding the different kinds of restraining orders and which one is best for you specifically. The various kinds of restraining orders available in Florida include: 

  • Domestic violence injunction: This injunction is for a restraining order against a former partner, family member, or someone you once shared a home with. You may also file for a domestic violence injunction if you share a child with this person but do not share a home. 
  • Repeat violence injunction: If you have been a repeat victim of violence with at least one incident occurring within the last six months, you may be granted a repeat violence injunction. You must be able to prove you are in imminent danger of another act of violence. 
  • Dating violence injunction: For a restraining order against someone you have been consistently dating or were in a relationship with within the past six months, you may file for and be granted a dating violence injunction. 
  • Sexual violence injunction: You may file a sexual violence injunction on either your behalf or on behalf of your child. If either has been a victim of sexual violence, you may be granted a sexual violence injunction. This also applies to victims who are currently cooperating with any criminal prosecution. 
  • Stalking injunction: As with the sexual violence injunction, you may either file on your behalf or on behalf of your child that is being stalked. This injunction includes stalking and cyberstalking. 

Injunctions can be permanent or temporary and prohibit the respondent from being in proximity to your home, workplace, and other important areas. In some cases, it also will see the removal of their firearms. Restraining orders can often just be the first of many actions, including pending criminal charges. 

How to File a Restraining Order in Kissimmee

After seeing and understanding your different injunction options, your Kissimmee restraining order attorney can help you with the rest of the filing process. This includes:

  • Determining where to file: For Kissimmee or other Florida natives, you have three options for where you are able to file your injunction. These include the statewide electronic filing system, by mailing your forms to the courthouse, or by dropping your forms off into the courthouse drop box. 
  • Completing the forms: Depending on the injunction, you may need various supporting forms. This will include proof of harassment and a petition. While you can file these on your own, it is in your best interest to have your restraining order lawyer provide their expertise and oversee the process. 
  • Court orders: After reviewing your initial petition, you will either receive a denial letter, a temporary restraining order and a court date, or no temporary restraining order and a court date. The hearing will be set within 15 days of the filing and will be used to officially grant a permanent injunction. 

If you have been issued a temporary restraining order, it will expire on your court date. Arriving on time with your restraining order attorney in Kissimmee gives you the best possible chance at receiving your desired outcome. Once your injunction has been granted, the respondent will be made aware of the changes. If they fail to adhere to the injunction, they may face criminal charges. 

Need Help Filing a Kissimmee Restraining Order? Fighter Law Can Help Today

Fighter Law is ready to work around the clock to ensure you and your family are safe. If you are in need of a temporary restraining order today, please contact our offices immediately. Our board-certified team is prepared to use our vast experience to get you the results you need quickly. We will get to work building your case with evidence and the appropriate documentation to fight for your rights. 

Our people-first approach means we are there with you every step of the way, from the initial filing to the final court hearing. Let us fight for your right to a peaceful and safe life. To begin the process today, please fill out our contact form or give our Kissimmee office a call at (407) 344-4837.

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