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Filing for an injunction is not just a complicated legal procedure, but it also can be profoundly emotional. Having to defend against an injunction can be just as involved and intricate. The person who is petitioning for an injunction (petitioner) needs the help of an attorney to make sure that all of the procedures are followed correctly. Conversely, the person defending against the injunction (respondent) needs a skilled attorney who can help them protect their rights. 

Hiring a skilled and well-informed injunction lawyer is the best way to ensure that your case is presented effectively, whether you’re the petitioner or respondent.

How Do Injunctions Work?

There are two general categories of injunctions: prohibitory injunctions and mandatory injunctions. Under a prohibitory injunction order, a party must refrain from doing something. If a person is under a mandatory injunction, they are required to do something. The action that a respondent is required to do or must refrain from doing will vary depending on the type of injunction. In Florida, there are six types of injunctions:

An injunction is a protective measure in civil court that is designed to protect someone against harm, prevent or preserve the loss of an asset, prevent loss or damage to reputation, or safeguard business or personal interests.

What Happens after Filing a Petition for an Injunction?

Each type of injunction has different requirements that a petitioner needs to meet when filing for an injunction. In order for a judge to issue a temporary injunction, there must be sufficient evidence presented.

For an injunction to succeed, the petitioner must file the initial application correctly, and the contents must be sufficient to meet the standard for the injunction. A judge must have enough evidence to issue a temporary injunction, and then they can schedule a final injunction hearing. While the parties wait for the final hearing, they must not contact one another, and they must abide by any orders issued by the judge included in the temporary injunction.

During the final injunction hearing, both parties have the chance to present their case. Either side may call witnesses and present evidence. While the parties are not required to have an attorney present, an injunction attorney can significantly help build and present your case in court. The rules of evidence and court procedures are complex, and the best way to navigate legal procedures is with an experienced attorney at your side.

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An injunction is an intricate legal device, but a talented Kissimmee injunction attorney will make sure that you follow the correct procedures and have the best chance of success at the final hearing. At Fighter Law, we are committed to helping you through the complex steps of petitioning for or defending against an injunction and building a strong case for your final hearing.

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