Sanford Estate Planning Attorney

Whenever we undergo significant and life-changing events, we might start thinking about estate planning to keep all our assets and other priorities accounted for. Whether you are suddenly coming into success with your finances or properties, or if you want to prepare for the worst, estate planning can give you peace of mind. But if you intend to plan your estate, determining how to do so can be difficult. Should you work with a lawyer for help with your estate planning, or is it possible to manage these matters alone?

If you want to plan your estate and ensure every detail is accounted for, the estate planning lawyers from Fighter Law can help you. We have a strong understanding of the legal systems in place, and we would be happy to lead you in the right direction. Our team dedicates itself to supporting our clients through every step of the legal process, preparing them to make tough decisions, and reducing the stress they might experience if they handled their matters independently. For more information, we invite you to contact us for answers to your questions.

What Assets and Items Should be Included During Estate Planning?

One of the most complex and essential parts of the estate planning process is ensuring all your assets are present in the necessary paperwork. For help including all of the required assets, please consider the following:

  • Property and property deeds
  • Vehicles
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance policies
  • Student loans
  • Investment holdings
  • Pets
  • Other loans you may have
  • Non-probate assets

We encourage you to work with an estate planning lawyer for help during this process. Your attorney can help identify other assets that need to be included, navigate through non-probate items, and contain essential details and information on your paperwork.

How Do You Determine the Value of Your Assets?

The value of your assets can change dramatically over time, so correctly dating and including small details about your properties can be vital during the estate planning process. Often, you will need to work with realtors and other appraisers to determine the value of your assets after your death. This can be costly, especially if you want to keep these valuations up-to-date.

We recommend you work with an estate planning lawyer while you undergo these evaluations, as your attorney may have helpful connections that can make this process more cost-effective. Your lawyer can also help you determine an accurate and approximate estimate of your estate’s overall value, helping you and your family plan for the future and foresee financial situations.

What Makes Fighter Law’s Estate Planning Lawyers Different From the Competition?

When planning your estate, consider working with an estate planning lawyer to keep track of all the details and assets. The estate planning attorneys from Fighter Law can bring you specialized and valuable assistance, making them a fantastic resource to retain during this complicated process. 

We stand apart from the competition because of our dedication to our clients and our qualifications. Our team is board-certified, meaning that the Florida Bar Association has recognized us for our exceptional knowledge, professionalism, ethics, and skills in the areas of law we practice. We also support our clients through every step of the legal processes that lay ahead of them, reducing stress and speeding up each step for your sake.

How Can a Sanford Estate Planning Lawyer Help You?

Whenever you are involved in legal matters, we encourage you to work with a lawyer for assistance. Your attorney could help mitigate any risks that would come about if you were to manage these matters alone, such as skipping over important details or forgetting to include certain assets. An estate planning lawyer who serves Sanford can help you in many other ways, too, including the following:

  • Legal knowledge and negotiation tactics
  • Protect your rights and interests
  • Remove confusion from legal processes
  • Utilizing robust approaches to legal issues
  • Completing and filing paperwork
  • Access to professionals, including experts, consultants, and mediators
  • Familiarity with the local family court personnel and processes
  • Family court experience
  • Access to resources, strategies, and other tools
  • Giving you options tailored to your needs and circumstances
  • Speaking on your behalf
  • Short- and long-term actions

We urge you to refrain from representing yourself during the estate planning process, as there is a significant risk that you will make mistakes while filing paperwork. Working with a qualified estate planning lawyer is far more likely to help you avoid trouble and reduce stress related to legal work. We encourage you to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to ensure all your needs are met and your attorney has plenty of time to dedicate to your legal matters.

Fighter Law’s Sanford Estate Planning Lawyers Can Fight for You

If you want to start planning your estate and live in the Sanford area, you will likely benefit from working with Fighter Law. We are led by the highly-qualified and board-certified Attorney Thomas Feiter, who sets the example for us all to prioritize our clients’ needs. Our team works hard to bring you the outstanding results you need, including ensuring all necessary details and assets are included in your estate plan.

We invite you to get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience, which you can do when you call (407) 344-4837 or complete the contact form on our website. Our team can bring you first-class support through our services when we work together, answering your questions, gaining familiarity with your case, and giving you access to helpful strategies and resources. We are patiently waiting to hear from you and look forward to fighting for your rights.