Sanford Injunction Lawyer

An injunction is a restraining order that is designed to provide a rapid means of protection for individuals. Basically, an injunction is a court order that prevents someone from doing something or coming into contact with another person.

Whether you are the person filing for an injunction or you need a defense against an injunction, you should consult with an experienced Sanford injunction lawyer. An attorney can help you navigate the complexities surrounding injunctions and protect your rights and best interests.

What Does an Injunction Do?

An injunction is a civil court ordered protective measure that is designed to preserve or prevent the loss of an asset, protect someone against personal harm, prevent loss or damage to reputation, or safeguard business or personal interests. Injunctions order one or more parties to carry out or refrain from doing a specific act. In Florida, there are six different types of injunctions:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Repeat Violence
  • Sexual Violence
  • Dating Violence
  • Stalking
  • The Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult

These six injunctions fall into two categories. First, the prohibitory injunctions order a party to refrain from doing specific acts. Second, the mandatory injunctions require a party to perform a specific act.

How to Obtain an Injunction

There are two main parties involved in an injunction case. The petitioner is the person seeking protection, and the respondent is the person who allegedly committed (or threatened to commit) violence. To obtain an injunction, the petitioner needs to make a formal application to the civil court by completing the following steps:

  • Complete the applicable petition
  • Establish relevant grounds for the claim
  • Complete a witness statement or affidavit discussing material facts for the court’s consideration

While a petitioner must demonstrate different elements for each specific type of injunction, all petitioners must prove to the court that the requisite violence occurred. A judge will decide whether or not to issue an injunction. Once a judge decides that the petitioner meets the requirements, the judge will order a temporary injunction and schedule a final injunction hearing date as soon as possible. During the final injunction hearing, both parties have the opportunity to present their case.

While it is not required for the parties to have attorneys, it is highly suggested. Filling out the application and having sufficient evidence to meet the injunction requirements is not an easy task. Working with a skilled and knowledgeable injunction lawyer means having their experience throughout the entire process.

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Often, the circumstances that lead to filing for an injunction are complicated and emotional. Courts may have multiple injunction hearings set for any given day, thereby limiting the parties’ time before the judge. Filing for an injunction or defending against one is an intricate and sometimes confusing process. A talented lawyer can ensure that you are prepared for the hearings and provide much-needed legal counsel.

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