Do I Need an Attorney for an Injunction?

You do not NEED an attorney for an injunction matter. It is highly advisable that you do get one, however. Most people who go to court on injunctions do not go with an attorney. However, most people who do go with an attorney have a much higher chance of getting a more favorable outcome. This is oftentimes simply because an experienced attorney knows the system and procedure, is more comfortable in a courtroom, and knows alternative ways to resolve injunctions.

Should I get an attorney to go to court with me for an injunction?
Yes, absolutely. Injunctions are serious civil matters.

Why should I go to court with an attorney?
If you are either the petitioner or the respondent in an injunction case, you cannot talk to the other person. Your attorney can. The benefit of this is significant. Sometimes, one side will want to resolve the matter short of hearing. If you can resolve the matter amicably beforehand, it may save the time and uncertainty of going before the judge.

Sometimes a petitioner will prefer to have an informal or formal agreement with the other party in place of a final injunction. An attorney can help accomplish that for you.

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