How long does an injunction last?

Injunctions can last a week, a month, 6 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years, or forever. How long an injunction lasts is really up to the judge. An injunction can last any amount of time.

A temporary injunction can last as long as it takes to get the other party served. Until the final hearing, the temporary injunction will be in force. Usually a final hearing date is set within a few days or weeks of a person getting served with a temporary injunction. But don’t let that term “final hearing date” fool or confuse you. It is not necessarily final. It can be moved or continued for many reasons.

A final injunction creates a record and it can last a very long time. Injunctions can last as long as the judge says they should to achieve their purpose. If a person is successful in getting a final injunction, the judge will usually ask the winning party how long they would like to make the final injunction last. If you ask for 30 years, the judge will probably not agree that 30 years is necessary. Most injunctions last one to two years, depending on the circumstances. But I have seen injunctions issued that were permanent – in other words, they had no expiration date.

No matter how long the injunction lasts, either party can always ask the court to amend it. In other words, you can always ask the judge to end the injunction.

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