Sex Crime Suspects Arrested

In June, 40 men and one woman were brought in to face charges relating to sexual encounters with children. The state of Florida set up an operation targeting individuals who use the Internet to commit sex crimes. The Polk’s County Sheriff’s office performed the operation between the dates of June 8 and June 15. The operation is said to be the largest of its kind in Polk County history.

Reportedly, the individuals ranged in age from 18-65 and some traveled from as far away as places like Wisconsin. The Sheriff’s Office reported that out of the 41, only 13 of the individuals were actually from Polk County. Furthermore, sixteen of the individuals admitted to bringing condoms and eleven were married. According to the Sheriff’s Office, all of the accused individuals showed up with the intent of having sex with a child.

Those involved are facing 180 charges combined. Charges included traveling to meet a minor, transfer of harmful material to a minor, drug possession, resisting arrest without violence and procuring a minor for prostitution. All of the individuals were booked into the Polk County Jail.

Florida residents who have been accused of a sex crime, whether through the Internet or in any other way, should be aware that being charged with a sex crime has the ability to change one’s life forever. A criminal defense attorney with experience with sex crimes may be able to ensure that an accused individual is as prepared as possible for their case. The attorney may be able to determine if the evidence is truly sufficient enough to substantiate the charges and, if so, to negotiate a plea bargain.

Source: Huffington Post, “41 Child Sex Crime Suspects Arrested By Polk County Sheriff“, June 18, 2013


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