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I represent a significant amount of students from the University of Central Florida whose families hire me to represent their children in a variety of criminal charges. The offenses range from serious felonies to simple misdemeanors like possession of alcohol by a person under 21 years old. Not only are these students at risk of losing their financial aid and ability to attend UCF, but they also still have to face to prosecutors of Orange or Seminole County and the respective Judges. In my experience, each county is different. Punishment for having an open house party in Seminole County, for example, might be much harsher than it would be had it occurred in Orange County. There are various reasons for this, which I would be happy to discuss with any student or their parent(s).

UCF has something called the Golden Rule Student Handbook. The Office of Student Conduct takes this very serious. You can find information on this at this link –

It also seems that most of the cases referred to me are mostly from the Greek community – meaning involving students from fraternities or sororities. Whether a student is in a fraternity or sorority, however, should not make any difference in the resolution of the case. UCF PD or the University of Central Florida Police Department seems to patrol quite heavily around the area of the Greek housing units. But that could be attributable to the fact that there is a lot of university housing and local bar establishments (such as the Knight Library, FUBAR, and the like) right around the corner. The below is a list of the charges I frequently get questions on from students from UCF or their families. If you have any questions involving these charges or any others, please feel free to call me. Whether or not UCF learns of the pending charges is not always certain. But in the cases I have been involved in, pending criminal charges could mean academic probation, suspension or worse. It is highly advisable to contact an attorney right away if you are charged with any crime.

  1. Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI)
  2. Possession of Cannabis (Marijuana)
  3. Possession of Alcohol by a Minor (under 21)
  4. Sexual Battery (date rape)
  5. Disorderly intoxication
  6. Resisting an officer without violence
  7. Resisting an officer with violence
  8. Reckless Driving
  9. Possession of Cocaine



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