Florida Woman Charged with Battery

A woman from Southwest Florida has had criminal charges filed against her after she allegedly attacked a sheriff’s deputy. The event occurred after the deputy responded to a dispatch call reporting that a female was kicking people’s genitals and running around in the street. The call included a description of the woman that later helped the deputy identify her.

The Manatee County deputy responded at approximately 2:45 in the afternoon and located the woman. When he asked her to stop, she walked away from him. The deputy pursued her on foot, and when he caught her, she allegedly turned and punched him in the face. The deputy reported that this caused his sunglasses to fall off.

In response to her actions, the deputy wrestled the woman to the ground. The police report alleged that the woman tried to scratch the deputy when he handcuffed her. After she was taken to the Manatee County Jail, she was charged with battery on an officer. She is being held on a $1,500 bond. It is not known how many people the woman allegedly kicked prior to the deputy’s arrival nor is it known if she will have additional charges filed against her.

There are times when extenuating circumstances may help mitigate something a person has done, and this woman is entitled to a defense attorney who may be able to help her fight a criminal conviction. A skilled defense attorney could help someone charged with battery plan an effective defense; they may even be able to help their client get charges dismissed or reduced.

Source: The Miami Herald, “Woman accused of kicking people in the genitals on the street,” Bradenton Herald, Feb. 1, 2013


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