How to FIGHT AGAINST an Injunction or Restraining Order

How to FIGHT AGAINST an Injunction in Florida:

  1. Consult with an attorney free of charge.
  2. Gather any available evidence to prove that the petition contains false/inaccurate information.  This may include photos, text messages, e-mails, witness statements.  You can go so far as to hire a private investigator and/or expert witness.
  3. Consider filing an answer to prevent the petitioner from making any changes to the original petition.
  4. Consider filing interrogatories or requests for admissions.
  5. Consider asking for a continuance at the first hearing to allow you time to prepare defenses and take depositions.
  6. You should consider taking the deposition of your accuser.
  7. Final Hearing – Fight the accusations at trial!

If you have been served with an injunction, take it seriously.  Take a breath.  Then call us at 407-344-4837.  We have seen so many people falsely accused of things in injunction petitions – and we have successfully defended them.  We know how to defend against these and we can give you a lot of peace of mind just by explaining what options you have.  You do not have to agree to an injunction and you may have defenses that you did not think existed.  Call us for a free consultation at 407-344-4837.


And before you even think about going into court and just agreeing to the injunction, you should understand the consequences of having an injunction on your record.  Click HERE to learn about those.

We have one mission: To Fight and Win for YOU!

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